The greatness of a nation and its moral progress
can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

Mahatma Gandhi
Karen Muranko came to my home recently because my two terriers, although trained 5 years ago for walking and potty training, were having some seemingly anxiety-related behavior problems. My boy Wilson
would bark when someone came in and he always had to have all the attention and my girl Kali would become possessive of other humans to the point that if the dogs wanted to get attention from their humans,
Kali would nip at the dogs. They also had major challenges staying down and off people's legs.  Karen had some conversing and listening time with them and recommended I get Calms - a homeopathic
relaxation remedy - and both the dogs and I take it in the morning and evening. She also recommended some gentle behavior modification techniques to practice. So far, so good. Everyone is way calmed down
and we are heading toward mending.I highly recommend Karen for any animal behavior challenges you may be having. Call it a crazy technique, belief or whatever but what I would say is this, it's worth giving
animal communication a try rather than to keep scolding your animals.

In early January 2011 after an illness that accelerated very rapidly, my dear cat Cleo of fourteen years made her transition. I had Cleo since she was smaller than the palm of my hand and our bond was priceless.
The grieving process for me was made more difficult by the speed and magnitude of her condition.  A dear friend of mine had contacted Karen and used her services to resolve some behavioral problems she
encountered with her two dogs.

A couple of weeks after Cleo's passing, she suggested I call Karen and see if there might be some way that Karen could assist in enriching my grieving process. I had no idea what to expect but knew that I was
open to any help available. I called Karen and was immediately at ease and felt a very peaceful connection. We set up a telephone appointment for the following week. In the interim, I received an email from Karen
telling me of something that had dashed through her mind from Cleo. It was perfect. The thought was so personal and so endearing that I was even more open hearted and open minded about the upcoming call.

Karen spent an hour on the telephone with me and it was amazing. The impulse, the intuition, the clarity of her gift in communicating with Cleo gave me an enormous sense of relief through her beautifully calming
spirit. The time we shared helped me to more tangibly grasp the depth of my connection with this incredible cat and how to allow for the completion of my time with her.

It is now early June 2011 and I recently felt the timing to be right for bringing new energy into my home. Through a most beautiful and synchronistic flow of events, Karen introduced me to sweet Gracie, a stray cat
she had been caring for. I so appreciate the gifts that Karen has brought to my life experience and I know you will too!
~ With deep appreciation, Rick Noll

It is a pleasure to work with Karen and honestly, it is difficult to put into words what I feel for her, so I will share with you through a story. I had the good fortune of meeting Karen during a very stressful time in my life.
My doggie/son of 16 years named Diego had not been doing well, and she helped me understand exactly how Diego was feeling and what he needed.

After Diego went to Heaven, she reassured me that he was very happy and that he wanted me to be happy also. Karen shared with me that Diego told her that he wanted me to keep helping and loving dogs and
other animals, and that he really didn't want me to close my heart to other animals because of the enormous pain that I was feeling for his loss.

Karen told me that Diego wanted me to give another animal in need the opportunity of giving him/her a home and my love, just as I had to Diego. With the enormous pain that I was feeling, at that moment the
thought of bringing another animal into my life seemed impossible to consider ...Nevertheless, I have fallen in love with another beautiful doggie/son, Nova, who had been living in the streets of Mexico City before
he was rescued. Nova does not have the use of his back legs and runs like the wind in his new wheelchair. Nova is continuing to help with the healing, which Karen had started. In order to help pay back Nova all
that he has already given to me, I am looking forward to continuing to work with Karen to help me understand what he is feeling and how I can continue to make his life even better. Thank you bella!!!