Animals love us with constant hearts. They offer us pure joy,
a place to love with simplicity and purity. Julia Cameron,
Animal Communication for animals in body or in spirit

I've been communicating with animals since 2009. My abilities continue to grow which continually allows me to provide more effective sessions.

Most sessions are done by phone by some people enjoy having them in their home. Especially for animals experiencing behavioral issues or talking to their animals in spirit.

Medium Sessions for animals or humans in spirit as well as people dealing with current life issues seeking clarity and direction

Reiki Healing for Animals and Humans

I was first introduced to Reiki in 1993 and received Master Level in 2005.

I use Reiki on animals primarily for pain issues. Reiki can also be used when an animal is ill and nearing end of life to keep him or her more comfortable.

Reiki for humans helps release blocked energy and for pain relief. For both humans and animals, Reiki is very effective for pain relief. Reiki healing is done at the person's home.