The purity of a person's heart can be quickly
measured by how they regard animals.

Author Unknown
Little Nova enjoying his back yard!
Nova is a fighter.  Although he did not have the use of his back legs, he dragged himself through the streets of Mexico for six years until found by a rescue group.  Nova is now living the life of luxury with his new family.  
He is an amazing example of the will to survive.  Nova doesn't want to talk about his past but has lofty goals for his bright future.  He flies like the wind in his little wheelchair.  Nova is a hit everywhere he goes
especially at the dog park.  People love to have their picture taken with him.  He is an inspiration everywhere he goes.
Wilson and Kali were strays roaming the streets.   They
relied on each other until they met Reva.  They were
fortunate that Reva gave them their forever home.  
Update September 2017.  In memory of Kali and Wilson
who had a wonderful home with Reva for 11 1/2 years.  
They are missed.
This little six month old boy was hanging around my
apartment complex but would not let me approach
him.  One day he dropped at my feet and appeared to
be in pain.  I named him Frankie after Old Blue
choices were to have him euthanized, leave the leg
as is or surgery.  Of course, I opted for surgery and
held a Frankie Fund Raiser.  After his recovery period,
Frankie was adopted into his forever home.
Trudeau sporting her
Cowgirl Hat!
Trudeau's run out of
hasn't had time to apply his
stying products!